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drawing of a wolf dancing
drawing of a wolf dancing

Wolf Dance ~ Vinyl Sticker

Erlenmeyer Art
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Flowing like smoke over water. The wolf mesmerizes any who are lucky enough to see her live performances. Only playing once a year and to a lucky few. The wolfs dance is famous across Erlenmeyer.

Sticker dimensions: 5cm x 7cm //  the key in the photo measures 6.2cm

This sticker is part of our Sports & Activities Sticker Series!

Erlenmeyer stickers are the highest quality custom stickers available in Australia - 100% waterproof, scratch resistant and very long lasting!

They are made using the latest in large format digital printing technology and printed on permanent polymeric vinyl and coated with an additional clear matte laminate.

If you'd like to keep up-to-date with my artwork, please follow me on Instagram @erlenmeyer_art

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