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The Paw Print Press & Patreon Subscription

Paw Print Press Mail-out & Annual Membership
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Do you like stories?

Then this might be for you! The animals of Erlenmeyer get up to a lot of mischief as they have lots of time on their paws and they just LOVE getting out and doing stuff!

This annual subscription option allows the recipient to dive into the World of Erlenmeyer in an immersive way. Recipients receive 4 mail-outs per year, which include a spectrum of hard-copy material and digital material on a monthly basis to read, enjoy and use!

Amongst this is the Paw Print Press: a zine // mini-newspaper written by the animals, for the animals! It is released seasonally (because the editors spend so much time enjoying their furry little lives instead of working like us silly humans) and keeps their readers up to date on the most exciting events in their local city of Erlenmeyer, as well as new technological developments, arts and culture and human histories!

Recipients will also receive highly collectible content such as McAllister's Newsleaf and the Mystery Character Profile, as well as useful items such as greeting cards and stickers. 

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The Very First Pack of Erlenmeyer Cards

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