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Battle of the Bands - Playing Cards

Battle of the Bands - Playing Cards

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This is a 54 card deck of hand illustrated playing cards, with ink and watercolour illustrations that together create a programme for a fictional Battle of the Bands contest between 4 of Australia's most talented native animal bands!

Each suit shows a different band, its crew (roadies or band manager), the band members on holiday somewhere in Australia and, of course, their battle location!

For example, the suit of Spades features: 
The metal band Head Crush  - Kookaburra, Tasmanian Devil, Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby and Hammerhead Shark

Head Crush will headline at the Sydney Opera House

Head Crush are naughtily about to smash heads in bumper boats on Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra

Their roadies are professionals - the Bottlenose Dolphin & the rock music loving Mandrill from the African Orchestra pack

The cards themselves are professionally manufactured on 310gsm premium French linen, and come shrink-wrapped inside a durable, clear plastic box.

Thank you for supporting my art!

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