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Animal Playing cards
Hand Illustrated animal playing cards - African Musical Animals - 52 card deck
Hand Illustrated playing cards - Suit = Spades - Birds and reptiles playing stringed instruments
Hand Illustrated playing cards - Suit = diamonds - Big strong animals playing brass instruments
Hand Illustrated playing cards - Suit = clubs - Big cats playing percussion instruments
Hand Illustrated playing cards - Suit = hearts - exotic animals playing woodwind instruments

African Orchestra - Playing Cards

Erlenmeyer Art
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This is a 54 card deck of hand illustrated playing cards - ink and watercolour illustrations of classically trained African animals!

Each suit represents a different type of African animal and simultaneously a different section of the orchestra. Spades is the strings section played by birds and reptiles; Diamonds is the brass section played by big leathery animals; Clubs is the rhythm section played by the big cats; and Hearts is the woodwind section played by the quadrupedal African animals. The red joker is a jazz band (guest starring a frilled neck lizard!) and the black joker is a heavy metal band! The back design is an intricate African design some of Africa's native flora.

The cards themselves are professionally manufactured on 310gsm premium French linen, and come shrink-wrapped inside a durable, clear plastic box.

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