E-Newsletter Edition I: A New Leaf for Erlenmeyer

E-Newsletter Edition I: A New Leaf for Erlenmeyer

Welcome to the World of Erlenmeyer!

Hello! Some of you might have met me in person, perhaps at markets in Sydney, or as part of the arts community in general, but below is a little introduction for our new friends of Erlenmeyer :) 

I love to create animal characters and use them to tell stories and express important human messages, designed as cards and other gifts. Erlenmeyer is the name of our stationery brand, but more significantly it is the name of the fantasy world in which all of our animals and stories exist.

Recent Projects & Artworks

In these difficult times I am reminded to stay positive, and though the markets have closed, I have been lucky enough to have time to explore some new ideas:

I have started to write a little poetry to give more background to some of my characters. Most of these pieces will be posted on my Instagram - turn on notifications to keep up to date. 

Erlenmeyer now has its very own map!

Some of you know I am working on a new playing card pack called Animal Foodies: I present to you now a new character drawn for this pack - the magnificent pig, King.


"Extra! Extra! Read all about it!" ~ The Paw Print Press & Patreon

The animal citizens of Erlenmeyer finally have their very own newspaper to keep them up-to-date with local news, events, community stories and services! The Paw Print Press is a zine that features as part of Erlenmeyer's brand new Seasonal Mail-out Subscription Service

This service is hosted by Patreon and is a great way to support me directly in my world-building and story-telling! (Haven't heard of it? Click here for a description of Patreon.) Subscribers gain access to mail-outs, exclusive downloadable content, Behind the Scene posts and polls, and more! My Patreon profile also functions as a community gateway for those of you who feel inspired to contribute fan-fiction or fanart and connect with other creative humans via Discord. 

A subscription to receive my work digitally (or in hard-copy form) is immensely helpful to me as creative small businesses like mine have been severely impacted by recent international events.


For those of you who are avid market-lovers like myself, let me reassure you: we are working very hard to get back to a physical selling platform asap! Whether that is The Rocks Markets, a smaller, more local market, or a pop-up shop somewhere: we cannot wait to see you again and we promise to include all developments to this end in future E-Newsletters, so please stay tuned!

Look after yourselves, lovely art friends! If there's anything I can do to help you, or if you have any feedback for me, please get in touch.

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