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E-Newsletter Edition IV: Help! I'm glued to my E-Leef!

Hello again, lovely Art Friends...I hope this finds each of you as well and happy as can be :)

   We have been trading at the Rocks Markets for a few months now, but are thinking of taking a little break due to the situation that has been evolving in Victoria and NSW. We appreciate the general advice is to stay close to home and without local support it can be a little lonely at the market at the moment! We are sure that we will return again closer to Christmas, when hopefully each state will have managed to flatten the curve again and reopened its borders.

   Having said that - we are definitely still in Sydney and still open for business! Our online shop is in full swing, and I am contactable by phone 10-5pm any day of the week if I can assist with you with an order, or if you'd like to hear more details about a given product. Feel welcome to get in touch :) 

   Now for some super exciting news....

   Some friends and I are preparing to launch a pop-up shop in Newtown, Sydney! It will be filled with handmade items, made by lots of local artisans who are experts at their various crafts. We are also hoping to organise creative workshops and put on events and exhibitions. More on this next time!

Curios from Erlenmeyer ~ The E-Leef

   With so much time at home these last few months, it has been a pleasure to spend so much of it wrapped up in the imagining of the Erlenmeyer world and expanding on its lore and details. Many of you know that my background is in biochemistry, and so one of the most interesting parts to explore for me personally has been the biotechnology that powers the cities, transport and items which are used by all the citizens.

   In essence, a unique kind of biotic energy produced by a symbiotic relationship found in nature, is harnessed, optimised and distributed through a specialised tree / fungal network that has expanded above and below each city hub. The energy is used to power lighting, appliances, heating, transportation and communications!

   One of my favourite projects from my recent work on the above is the E-Leef - which is the paw-held communication device used by the animals! Many of the animals are very active socialites and highly engaged in their community. Generally they love nothing more than meeting up, making something, and spreading cheer. The E-Leef is instrumental in keeping them in touch with their local agenda! I give more elaborate explanations on these detailed aspects of Erlenmeyer in McAllister's Newsleaf and the Paw Print Press, which is part of the Patreon Subscription Service. Click here to check it out! 

Le Miroir ~ A Short Film

(my illustrations feature to add depth to the main character!)

   Last year I was lucky enough to be approached by the talented director Leila Murton Poole to ask if some of my work could be used in a short film she was creating.  I was delighted to collaborate and while mystery of course enshrouds the filming process, upon its release I was completely enchanted by its story, charm and elegance.

   In this article, Murton Poole gives beautiful insight to the background of the film and her influences, if you have time it truly makes for a lovely read. If you're based in WA you can go and see it on the big screen, click here for ticket info!


 Role Models in STEM

   Recently a very good friend of mine, Kat Ross, (find her on IG!), an astrophysicist and dedicated science-communicator, has been actively campaigning for Australian educational syllabuses to make changes to be more inclusive of women and minorities as role models in STEM.

   It makes a big difference as a young student to see someone you can relate to (and admire) recognised for their work and knowledge - it's inspiring! It makes you feel that you could do that too.  Here is a link to read more on her thoughts:


We at Erlenmeyer could not agree more! In their future sentience and wisdom the animals are devoted to inclusivity and representation.

Work In Progress ~ Ibex in Italy

   It has been a pleasure to paint lately. This glamorous goat will one day feature in the Animal Foodies Playing Card pack, which will contrast the food culture of four different culinary kingdoms: Italy, England, Japan and America. 

   Each suit will be dedicated to a different country and each court card will show off an animal from that land. The Jacks will be growing the food, the Queens will be shopping for the ingredients, the Kings will be showing off their home-cooking skills, and the Aces will be the national animals of each country out on fine-dining, dinner-dates!

    This character is also a brand ambassador for a local beauty company,

|  T A P P U T I  |

 which was created by some of the more enterprising citizens of Erlenmeyer, a bee and a butterfly, (they like her old school Sofia Loren vibe)! 

(You can click here to see our current playing card range)


Wishing you well until next time, lovely art friends :) Kindest, Stephie

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