E-Newsletter Edition III: Chipper & Rosy

E-Newsletter Edition III: Chipper & Rosy

Hello again, lovely Art Friends...

   As some of you may know, The Rocks Market has been reopen for the last few weekends and I am still buzzing! It is such a joy to see so many beautiful humans enjoying being out and about. My favourite part of being an artist is connecting with an audience and seeing the looks on faces when one of my pieces really hits home. If you came around last weekend, thank you! If you're still unsure about braving a public market, all stallholders are providing copious amounts of hand sanitiser, offering contactless payment options and the Rocks Market has redesigned the market to ensure spacing between all stalls. There is 50% off parking meters in the Rocks precinct for the next 3 months and $10 flat rate parking at Wilson carparks if you are feeling less comfortable on public transport at the moment. Outdoor markets pose a smaller risk than indoor areas with circulating air conditioning units, so please come and enjoy shopping in Sydney's oldest and prettiest streets.  Kindest, Stephie


Would you be able to help me by reviewing Erlenmeyer?

   Even though The Rocks Markets have opened up again, I am still continuing to build digitally. I'd really like to start posting some testimonials on my website but to do that I am in need of help from my past customers! I would be so grateful if you would be willing to write a short review of your experience of Erlenmeyer; please feel welcome to do so on Google Maps, our Erlenmeyer Art & Gifts Facebook Page or send a quick email to hello@erlenmeyer.com.au to write a review for our future Testimonials section online. Thank you :)

We must look after ourselves as best we can at the moment, and follow advice of medical professionals, such as: don't touch your face, wash your hands as often as you can, and stay home if you're not feeling well. Be nice to essential workers and of course be kind to yourself ~ this is a hard time but the more caring we can be the better!


Works In Progress

   One of the most fun parts of building a whole world is that there are infinite characters waiting to be created and scenes to be imagined. I love to incorporate elements of our human reality into my illustrations, whether it's a fact about an animal, a favourite local place, or even a personality quirk of someone close to me.

 Here is a recent design for a friend who had just had a baby. After a bit of research I suggested otters, as each parent was from a different country with a native otter population, and they are a family oriented species. I will draw these otters again further down their timeline!




Fox’s Fabulous Forehand

 Did you know I'm currently working on illustrations for an upcoming sticker series: Sports & Activities? You can keep an eye out for updates on this new series in August :)

In the meantime I am pleased to introduce the elegant and agile fox, Vania.  A lover of travel and fashion, she's often taking trips with the handsome fox from our Chop Chop greeting card. Inspired by their adventures, this one of a kind gal also writes a cute travel blog that she's developed into an app for the E-Leef!



The Golfer’s Swing

Also from the Sports & Activities Sticker Series, please meet Cavenham! This hard-working field mouse is a talented builder with a green thumb. He dedicates most of his time helping set up homes and spaces in his wider community for the other small creatures of Erlenmeyer.

A practical craftsman through and through, Cavenham has perfected his golf swing. Sometimes when playing with friends he likes to pretend to miss the ball to keep the scores more even - and the game more competitive! 

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