E-Newsletter Edition VII: Blessed and Silly // Goodbye For Now

E-Newsletter Edition VII: Blessed and Silly // Goodbye For Now

To my dear lovely art friends :)

I wanted to just write a little something as my final entry from Sydney! 

Firstly ~ thank you all so much for reaching out and visiting since I announced I would be going back to the UK. I was really touched by the messages and memories that were shared, it was such an unexpectedly wholesome and warm way to see out the close of this chapter. 

Secondly ~ the Mosman shop will close at 6pm this Sunday 14th March, so this is the last opportunity to be shown around the whole Erlenmeyer world so far, with me on hand to give you context and link it all up together :D I will happily reward all visitors* who reference this E-Newsletter with a free pack of playing cards, the same goes for online orders of parcels between now and 11.59pm Saturday 13th March.  (*in store in Mosman, Sydney, and for domestic online parcel orders)

Thirdly ~ it has been decided that for now erlenmeyer.com.au will be looked after my brilliant little sister Aysia, so she will be happily behind the scenes helping you all with your future orders. I am sooo pleased about this! Let me introduce Aysia with a quick story that shows the beauty of her character, when she was a little girl, (maybe just 5 or 6!), and our step-families united for our first Christmas together, she sewed by hand a tiny unique present for each sibling. Her creativity and generosity have only grown since then, the essence of her is very Erlenmeyer! She will take good care of you all. If you want to leave cute notes for her at checkout that would be very sweet (she might be a little shy). 

Fourthly ( I really didn't think I would reach a fourthly, sorry!) ~ I just want to quickly say again how excited I am that expanding on the lore behind Erlenmeyer will soon be my most important project. My aim will be to write a book, something like an almanac or encyclopedia, which will give depth and insight into how the world operates - who is in charge, how do they live, work and learn, how did it unfold, what happened to us (humans!), how does their technology work...all sorts of interesting and peculiar details will be unveiled and comprehensively illustrated; narrated by the one and only McAllister {His Raccoonness}.

For now though, I feel blessed and chuffed and silly. It has been a real pleasure being here in Sydney and building this world with you. I hope you keep well, healthy, happy, busy, rested, compassionate, unwound, spirited! It's just me on the other side of instagram or email and I will always do my best to be there for you if you need me. 

Sending love and best wishes til next time,
Stephie xxx

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All the very best for your new journey and thank you for your beautiful cards and other artworks. Keep in touch and we will miss you here in Sydney. Look forward to seeing your new projects.
Susie xx



Good Luck with the move back to the UK! I am preparing for something similar from New Zealand to Scotland. Crazy times.

All the best,



Hello, enjoy your new venture. I must get some playing cards. I will order something from your website or etsy.
My daughter and I met you in December 2018 at the Rocks. We’re from the US. We both fell in love with your work.
I want to continue to follow you. May God walk with you.

March 10, 2021

Zin Pegram

Enjoy spending time with your families when you go back to UK! Looking forward to seeing your new drawings:) Good Luck<3

Vienna Hui

What amazing things you’ve achieved since meeting you at tennis all those years ago. Good luck with your big move and I wish you the very best of luck in all your future endeavours. Louise xx

Louise Mahady

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