E-Newsletter Edition II: Tiger in the Tub!

E-Newsletter Edition II: Tiger in the Tub!

An exciting announcement!

July 1st marks the launch of the Sydney Artisan Collective Website Directory. Created by a friend and fellow artist, SAC is a digital marketplace for local small businesses to connect with each other as well as with customers. By shopping online in this community you are supporting local creatives and can be sure that whatever you buy is made with superior attention to detail and comes from a love of the craft.


Recent Projects & Artworks

What a time to be alive, folks! The universe is moving and shaking and we have no choice but to ride the waves. During these transitional times we must remember how strong we are. Tap into your strength and keep growing!    

Today's poem (found below) is brought to you by Fluffy Bee for she reminds me just how mighty one can be if you have a curious mind, an open heart and a best of all: a passion for something.

Recently my lovely mummy started a new job in social work, and I am so pleased for her! She has a tendency to put her heart and soul into her work and sometimes needs reminding to implement a little self-care. This prompted a recent drawing of a new tiger character unwinding in the bath, as a bath will always help you to feel more calm and uplifted than before you got in!

Anyone in the mood for a story?

Gather round, dear creatures, for I have a snippet to share! But first, since manners are of the utmost importance, let me introduce myself: my name is McAllister.

I am a mature raccoon with a long history of impeccable fashion sense and an even longer history of ear-catching stories to share. Today's tale tells briefly of the beginning of a new world...

My conscience was awoken one day long ago by a Beautiful Voice. Gaia, Mother Nature as you might know her, was once again ready to play with the Earth Spirits. For whatever reason, she called upon me and as her new right-hand raccoon my task was to open up twelve portals for twelve other chosen creatures: four of Land, four of Sea, and four of Air.  

These portals brought them 699,000 years into the future. For a millennium the Chosen Twelve, with their new special powers and skills, forged a new world...

E R L E N M E Y E R 






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