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Paw Print Press Mail-out & Annual Membership
Paw Print Press Mail-out & Annual Membership
Paw Print Press Mail-out & Annual Membership
Paw Print Press Mail-out & Annual Membership

Paw Print Press Mail-out & Annual Membership

Erlenmeyer Art
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A Year-long Subscription Package for Erlenmeyer lovers!

Buying this package makes the recipient an Erlenmeyer Librarian for the year, which means they will receive 4 physical mail-outs & access to a load of original and exclusive digital content!

They will receive:

~ A hard-copy subscription to the immersive newspaper, the Paw Print Press, sent by post (free Australia-wide shipping)! This is a 4 page zine written by an Erlenmeyer Reporter, which delivers front page news on the animal city of Erlenmeyer, as well as articles on Technology, Human History, the Arts, Social Pieces, Games and Promotions, released on the 1st of every season (4 times per year).

~ An A4 double-sided, colourprint Newsletter which gives insight into the World of Erlenmeyer, sent by post! It is released on the 1st of every season (4 times per year).
       * One side features details of history, lore, characters, stories as well as other illustrations and pieces of bite-sized literature.
       * The other side is a collectible full-page profile on an Erlenmeyer character, showing them in multiple illustrations. 

One Greeting Card associated with a character featured in that season's Paw Print Press! (4 per year)

One Vinyl Sticker of an Erlenmeyer character! (4 per year)

~ Access to an exclusive digital E-Card library of 20 cards, designed for use via Instagram & Facebook, to which 2 new cards are added every month.

~ Access to A4 Printable Colouring Pages!
       * Three downloadable Colouring Pages every month, of varying levels of difficulty
       * A library of patterned Alphabet letters (26 letters across 5 A4 sheets)
       * Tag your finished piece with #colour_erlenmeyer for a chance to be Erlenmeyer's Colouring Champion of the Month and win a special prize!

~ The opportunity to contribute one name of your choosing to any Animal's Ancestry, which will be permanently published as a glossary in the future Erlenmeyer Almanac. 


This membership option was originally designed as a Patreon Subscription! Patreon gives you the option to pay as you go monthly and to see the lower-priced tiers, which are fully digital. Please click here to check it out if you're interested :)

Additional Notes:
Please make sure you include the following details at check out:

~ A nominated shipping address for the Mail-outs*
~ A nominated email address which will be recipient of the access link for the digital content
~ A mobile phone number 
~ If you are buying this as a gift for someone - feel welcome to write a note for the recipient and I will make it is included
~ If your shipping address is outside of Australia there will be an additional postal charge of $6.25 per mail-out -  so $25 in total, which will be requested as a follow up charge after you have put through your order. Until this is paid no material will be posted. Thank you for your understand :)

* If you do give a specific address & email for the recipient, material will be sent to the shipping address provided
* Please contact if your shipping address changes throughout the year - we want to make sure your mail-out doesn't have trouble finding you! 



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