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Puppy Pastimes - Coming soon!

Puppy Pastimes - Coming soon!

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An A4 perpetual calendar that features a gang of 10 little puppies who can sniff out fun and mischief wherever they are left by their owners! You will be able to find these puppies in a spectrum of different places such as the beach, the cinema, in a museum...Updates on this project will be posted on Facebook, so please follow us there for more information :)

An Erlenmeyer Perpetual Calendar is professionally printed on 300gsm Mohawk Felt paper, and provided as 6 double-sided, unbound A4 sheets. The main design feature is that once you have finished using your calendar you may cut each sheet in half to create 12 A5 sized art prints, leaving nothing to throw away, which is very good for our environment :) As consecutive months are not printed on the same sheet of paper you can display two months at a time.

The calendar grid is left empty for you to write in the dates - meaning you can start at any date and use it any year. If you'd like to use your calendar for more than one year you can put the sheets in frames and use a permanent marker over the glass. Then at the end of the month simply wipe away your dates and plans with an acetone-based product and frame up the next month!

Using glass frames is the ideal way to keep your calendar sheets in perfect condition for when you transform them into art prints ;)

Finally, each Erlenmeyer calendar comes with one complimentary 2019 pocket calendar ~ visit me at Christmas every year to receive an updated one for free.



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